About Synergy

Synergy in Trade was established in 2006, and was formed specifically to assist UK based companies with their international trade business. Synergy is privately owned and has two Directors. Conveniently located in Leicestershire, we have a team of ex-bankers who all specialise in International Trade and between us have over 150 years of experience.
Synergy in Trade is the essential partner for UK companies trading internationally that do not have their own dedicated import or export staff.

We are experts in the field of letters of credit & our main function is to produce shipping documents under L/C's & present to the bank for payment. We have an unrivalled track record in this regard & our meticulous & methodical approach gives our clients complete confidence in our ability to ensure that payment is made promptly.

If you are not the manufacturer of the goods, we are able to use the export letter of credit as security, to enable us to issue our own letter of credit to the supplier. This back to back credit arrangement is invaluable to traders who are just unable to get the support they need from their bank. Using this arrangement it also allievates problems with businesses who are using transferable credits to facilitate their trade transactions. Transferable credits by their nature are quite restrictive & businesses are often frustrated by their inflexability & tendency to disclose the names of all the parties to a transaction. A back to back credit facility opens up a whole new world to the trader & with its flexability gives far more opportunities for businesses to expand.     

Synergy also provides invaluable support to UK importers by financing the purchase of goods from overseas suppliers until they get paid from their customers.  
Synergy successfully completed international trade transactions on behalf of our clients amounting to over £15m in 2011. Synergy compliments banks & offers bespoke & flexible solutions to assist the SME market.

Synergy has very strong relationships with our client base, and we seen as an integral part of their business & are constantly at hand to give guidance on all aspects of international trade. 

Virtually all new business and new markets are by recommendation or introduction from existing contacts. Synergy is synonymous with quality and accuracy. We are committed to our clients and they benefit from our close working relationship.

Synergy's Style & commitment:

  • We are customer orientated:
    • Our customers are important to us. We are customer focused and maintain excellent working relationships. We make every effort to understand our customer’s needs and see ourselves as an integral part of their business.
  • Achieve & succeed attitude:
    • Our main focus is on the strength of the transaction. Synergy wants to say ‘yes, we can do that’. We are committed and passionate about International Trade. In the market place today there are financial institutions putting obstacles in the way of good business opportunities. We apply a positive and sensible approach and can offer a bespoke solution to suit.
  • Flexible:
    • We provide a variety of options to suit specific requirements. You only need use our trade finance facilities as and when required. This helps with large one-off orders or seasonal trading. Our main focus is on the strength of the transaction.
  • Integrity:
    • Our business & our customer relationships are built on trust, honesty and integrity. We conduct all our business transactions with dedication & a high level of excellence & professionalism. 
  • Quick and Friendly:
    • Just talk to us, unlike banks and other financial institutions you will be dealing directly with the people who can assess situations quickly and have the experience and authority to react quickly. You will be talking to decision makers.