Dear David and Cassandra,
It was refreshing to meet with a team of people prepared to look at what can be done, as opposed to identifying all the reasons not to get involved.  From that perspective ,I can’t help thinking that there are future projects that would benefit from our working together.  Your confidence and enthusiasm is infectious.I truly enjoyed the energy you brought to doing business and appreciate you taking the time and effort to come to our offices.
Yours sincerely
Mike Fikuart
Managing Director

Dear All,

I would like to personally thank you all for your hard work and persistence.  As the say,"no pain,no gain".  There has been a lot of pain in in the last few weeks, hopefully this will stand us in goods stead for the future.

Thanks again for your help and support;it is greatly appreciated.


Don Mason
Very professional, customer focused attitude and spirit
Appreciated,thanks alot Cassandra
Nasir Malik

Director-Ops -Cadbury Nigeria

Hi Lesley,
Thank you and all the team at Synergy for your Stirling  assistance in expediting this problematic shipment.
Best regards,
Paul Jordan.
Sales Engineer