Freight and Logistics service

Although Synergy in Trade is not freight forwarder, we have very strong relationships with a number of leading freight forwarders and shipping companies. We are focused on providing a personal service with hands-on management, logistic product options, and competitive pricing.

Synergy can book and handle your import trade, book your export freight, and we are very experienced in handling cross trade movements. We will keep you up to date every step of the way from booking, to loading, to shipping, customs clearance and delivery. We can also offer haulage to European destinations through express groupage and full loads. 

Through our Freight and Logistics partners we can arrange all of your logistics needs. We can provide a total one stop shop solution. Our team will ensure our clients receive a superior quality service and high level of customer service. 

For clients who are dealing with international trade for the first time or breaking into new markets, you will have the benefit of our experienced staff to attend to all your needs including:

  • choosing the right forwarder or shipping line to handle your movements. Freight fowarders often focus on specific markets & occasionally specific goods & it is essential to choose the right company to suit the product & destination.
  • offer you the best sailing options and sailing schedules so your goods are received at the right time
  • guide you as to the best and most cost effective method of transport
  • attend to your customs clearance and any supporting documentation required by the freight forwarder/shipping line.

Our freight and logistics service compliments the other trade services we provide to our client base. For exporting clients we will not only book the freight but will also produce all the shipping documents required for that particular country & depending upon the terms of trade i.e letters of credit, documentary collections or open account trade.