Import Trade Finance

Synergy can help UK companies to overcome obstacles associated with international trade & can provide a bespoke service to suit all your import trade requirements.

Synergy is able to offer import trade finance to companies who may have difficulty raising finance themselves through their own bank.

Synergy focuses on the strength of the transaction, rather than the financial standing of the importer. We`re able to offer facilities to growing businesses, small & large  who maybe experiencing funding issues as a result of growth or just simply issues with their bankers who do not fully understand their trade.

We`re very interested in the product, the quality of the product & the financial worth of the end customer. In other words the trade transaction itself.

Using our import trade finance package, it will ease the pressure on your cash flow and we will take care of complex paperwork and procedures. With import trade finance, we can fund up to 100% of your overseas purchases.

What Synergy can do for you

Our team has considerable expertise in international trade transactions.

  • Import trade finance is ideally suited to UK companies who are buying finished goods from overseas & are selling them to UK buyers & require finance to bridge the gap.
  • We can finance the purchase of finished goods from overseas suppliers on your behalf, provided you have confirmed orders from your customers. We will provide funding against the order by opening a L/C on your behalf, directly to the supplier.

How does it work? 

We will simply require details of the trade transaction. A proforma invoice from the supplier & sight of the confirmed purchase order from the buyer with the terms of payment.

  • We will provide a facility agreement with our client setting out the terms & conditions
  • The end customer will be credit approved & credit insurance undertaken via Synergy
  • We will provide a draft of the import L/C to the supplier, to enable the supplier to be comfortable with its conditions
  • The L/C will be issued by Synergy`s bank
  • Synergy will arrange the logistics or if agreed, will use our client`s freight forwarders
  • The goods will be shipped & delivered direct to the end customer 
  • Our client will raise an invoice on the debtor with the sales proceeds being assigned to Synergy
  • Upon receipt of payment from the customer, Synergy will be reimbursed & the balance will immediately be transferred to our client 

Synergy provides more than a funding solution. Being flexible & the ability to react quickly are our key strengths. We aim to satisfy not only the supplier, who requires a secure means of getting paid for his goods, but also the end customer who requires the goods delivered to their premises within certain deadlines.

Our client benefits by receiving a seamless transaction process & a satisfied customer. Our client simply invoices their customer forv the sale of the goods with the debt being assigned to Synergy. We will monitor for payment on the due date & undertake payment collection. For many of our clients we are able to go one stage further & provide a book keeping service & attend to all their administration & VAT returns.

Please have a look at import trade finance cycle for more details