Synergy in Trade Ltd, present at EAMA - Finance and Export Services Speed Dating Fair on Tuesday 27th March 2012.

Synergy are thrilled to be invited by the EAMA, to their first speed dating event. It will give us a chance to meet EAMA member firms across the U.K who would otherwise not have been possible for us to reach. We value the opportunity of face to face meetings & to present and discuss the services we can provide to the Engineering Sector.

Synergy in Trade is the essential partner for UK companies trading internationally. We offer a wide range of services to any business, be they small to medium size enterprises through to large corporates.

If you are new to exporting or have exported before then getting paid will be a subject close to your heart.

For exporters, security of payment is the most important aspect & can be alleviated by trading on letter of credit terms. Synergy will get involved in the trade at an early stage. We will ensure that the credit is workable & will attend to the logistics & produce shipping documents which conform to the credit terms. Payment will be effected promptly & indeed if the buyer requires a period of time to pay, then this can be accomodated whilst ensuring that you get paid shortly after shipment. Buyer receives credit & you get immediate payment after shipment. Fully secure & no risk.

Don`t be afraid by trading on letter of credit terms. Synergy will take all the hassle away & let you get on with running your business.

Finance - Synergy, where required, can provide finance against the strength of the letter of credit in your favour & thus support you in growing your business.

In these difficult economic times, Synergy has proved to be of tremendous benefit to businesses by providing finance & administrative support. Don't miss our presentation or the opportunity to discuss your needs with us. You'll be dealing directly with the people who  understand your challenges & assess your needs quickly, and there's no better time to do this but at the ' speed dating event'.

Please join us at 11.00am for our presentation on

`The secrets of safe & secure exporting`

Not to be missed






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